Thursday, 13 February 2014

Papertrey Ink 7th Anniversary Day 9

And for today's challenge - the building blocks of design! We had to go to the blogs of the nine design team members and collect all of the building blocks necessary to create a beautiful card. Each team member has six numbered selections for a particular block category and I rolled a die to randomly select which item number I would be working with from their lists. This is what I ended up with:

#1: 2 Canyon Clay
#2: 1 Raspberry Fizz
#3: 1 Hibiscus Burst
#4: 1 Vintage Cream
#5: 1 Sketch
#6: 5 Friends card
#7: 2 Watercolouring (oh no!)
#8: 2 Rhinestones
#9: 3 Embroidery floss

Based on my colours and sketch, I thought I had to go pretty modern. Couldn't see these colours working for flowers so I chose instead a bolder, graphic design. Didn't want to use paint for my watercolouring and I don't own a single ink refill. So I dipped a brush directly onto my ink pads and coloured that way, using a drop of water when necessary. I elected to stamp my design on vellum with Versamark and emboss with black detail powder. Then I coloured in. I cannot see any differences  between the Hibiscus Burst and Raspberry Fizz inks, using this method, but I'm surprised at how pretty it turned out. I cut a strip of cardstock with one of the stitching line dies and stitched with embroidery floss, in the closest colour to Hibiscus Burst that I had. I didn't really want to embellish this bold design with rhinestones so I decided instetad to incorporate them into my design. Oh, and by the way, I am not at all a mathematician and the hardest part of this whole exercise was figuring out the tipped layer, since I don't own the Tipped Top dies. I had to exercise my brain and at my age it's not used to these math problems any more.

It was lots of fun but I did have two little grandsons underfoot all day (two and four years old) so it really was a challenge. Luckily for me, I came up with the idea, and even managed to get the heat embossing out of the way, before they arrived this morning.

Just realized, after reading a question on the forum, that my card is completely ILLEGAL!!! I wasn't supposed to use any other supplies or techniques than those I had been given with the roll of the die. Pouting. Posting anyway. Even though I am not going to be eligible to win. Never thought that adding black ink and cardstock and embossing (actually, that's quite a few extras; the grandkids must have really distracted me this morning) would not be acceptable. With all that said, here is my card anyway:


Cardstock: PTI Vintage Cream, Smokey Shadow, vellum
Stamps: PTI Round Repeats, City Scene Sentiments
Ink: PTI Hibiscus Burst, Raspberry Fizz, Canyon Clay; Versamark
Dies: Stitching Lines
Other: Embroidery floss, rhinestones, black detail embossing powder

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  1. And a beautiful card it is, too! Love it,,and glad you've entered it anyway! Congrats on your win this week!


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