Monday, 31 August 2015

Stamp-A-Faire 2015 Paper Fashion Extravaganza

What a fabulous weekend I've had! The #1 event on my list (but don't tell my family) was Papertrey Ink's Stamp-A-Faire!!! Wow, this was the first year that I participated and I've loved every second of it. I didn't get to start making cards until Sunday afternoon because we were très très busy with baseball. My oldest grandson's (9 years old) baseball team won the regional championship on Saturday afternoon! This means that we're going to the provincial championship over Labour Day weekend and it's in Baie Comeau, Québec. Oh yay. They could not have chosen a duller destination but, hey, it's baseball and I love baseball! So excited for them. But, as I said previously, even more thrilled about SAF.

I'm not going waste any more time with this post because I'd like to do one more project, so here we go, in order of challenges. I've made six cards :) so far.

The first challenge was my favourite one because, surprise surprise, I love white and all-white cards. I could have just played with this one for multiple days :) The one I ended up with is not my favourite of the event, but here it comes ...

This is actually a gift card/money holder and these are the components ...

Please excuse this horrible photo. I took it yesterday before realizing that my camera wasn't set properly. 
(please note that I went to the bother of dry embossing my base with the Floral Flap die during SAF. What on earth was I thinking of?!!) I enclosed a gift card in a very simple folder and "sealed" it with a die cut leaf and stamped on it too. It was then put in the Floral Flap "box" and tied up with ribbon.

I've made two cards for the Patterns challenge and I just realized that I'll only be able to link one from this post, so I'll go with the first one I did. I followed Laurie Willison's very fun layout ...

and made this card ...

This one is going to DD for sure! We're going to be making that 8-hour trek to Baie Comeau this weekend, and it's not going to be me who has Léo in the car with her. And that's final. No way. Not happening.

I decided to do Dawn's challenge, Mixing Colours. I love colour. Maybe not as much as Dawn, but I really love colour a lot and it's the reason that I paper craft. However, I really have problems with blues. I rarely use them, despite having 4 grandsons. because they just don't give me a lot of joy. So I followed Dawn's instructions and combined two colours I hardly ever use (Blueberry Sky and Ocean Tides) with a colour that I love (Simply Chartreuse) and came up with this ...

I don't hate it, but I also don't love it. Using my new Brushed Off stamps and Scripted dies helped :)
I've already publicly confessed about my Prima flower hoarding, and I just realized, after completing Melissa Phillips' Stick Pin challenge, that I may also have a problem with trinket pins. I'm not sure, but I think that 5 full spice jars' worth is plenty to have on hand for emergencies. I haven't used one in forever and really enjoyed making this card ...

Another super duper lovely challenge! I'm putting in my vote right now for a repeat of this year's fashion theme for Stamp-A-Faire 2016. All of the challenges have just been too much fun and I wish I had more time.

I chose Laurie Willison's dress as inspiration (well, I don't think it's actually HER dress but I'm sure she wishes it was; I know I do). Such a showstopper - elegant and ooh la la to the extreme ...

I don't have a direct link to the source for this photo, but you can see it on Nichole Heady's Papertrey Ink blog. This dress is an Alberta Ferretti design.
and this is the card that Laurie made ...

which I absolutely adore. I pulled out Mini Blooms and a Scripted die and quite like the card I made ...

And that wraps it up for me today! Except I have to post one other card that I made for the Patterns challenge and, if I get moving quickly and don't run into any major problems, I'd also love to do a project for the Make It Work challenge. We'll see. In the meantime, I'm leaving you with my group photo for the Red Carpet challenge ...


  1. Well, your cards are beautiful. I especially love wedding card, the mixing colors challenge (I love Ocean Tides) and the Stick Pin card. Wait! I love them all!

  2. Wow, your did a fabulous job on all these cards! I love them all but if I had to pick one it would be the Pins and Needles card - soooo romantic :)

  3. Fabulous cards! I especially like the Mix n Match card and the Runway card.

  4. I love every card! You wedding card is stunning! But, I cannot figure out where your ties are...I didn't see any hole punches. The color mix card is amazing! I love the colors and I might have changed my mind on Brushed Off! And your Vintage Linen flower is stunning. Awesome stick pin card and I loved your inspiration with the runway card. Yours is beautiful with Mini Blooms ! Perfectly executed!
    Awesome job

  5. Not even sure where to start,you made some gorgeous cards,no suprise! The wedding card is a showstopper for sure! Gorgeous work Diana!


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