Sunday, 4 December 2016

My attempt at a December Daily

I had kind of decided that I would try doing a December Daily this year - for the very first time ever. To make it easy and doable for me, it's going to be only one photo per day, and they're all going to be from my point of view, not the grandkids or hubby's, or anyone else. I'm not planning on sharing on my blog or social media, and I'm not even sure if I'm going to put the photos into a special book at the end of the month.

So while I'm not sharing, I'm sharing my first days here on my blog, just because they were pretty unbelievable.

Thursday afternoon, December 1

Started putting up the tree on Thursday morning and it was getting there. Hubby put the pre-lit tree up for me and then I got busy putting in more lights and decorations. I mentioned to him that the stand didn't feel right, that it was really loose and kind of turning in on itself. He assured me that all was well and that he had put up many trees in his lifetime. He was too busy to come over and double check with me.

Friday evening, December 2

Hubby left at noon for the weekend, driving up with DS to Baie St-Paul for the hockey tournament of one of our grandsons (Topher, 7 years old, goalie for his team). I spent lots more hours finishing up the tree (I love loads of decos on it) and putting up wreaths and garlands through the rest of the house. The rest of the house wasn't finished, lots of extra touches were still needed such as ribbons on wreaths, but I was calling the tree done and started moving it into its spot and guess what happened ...

Yes, the stand wasn't set up right. Duh. It fell on top of me, I struggled to get it upright, but that wasn't happening. You would not believe all the cuts on my hands! Just about every glass ornament that was on the tree (and there were many) broke. This picture doesn't do justice to the horror of the scene. There were glass shards all over the house! I had cleaned up some before I even thought of taking a photo. I had also confirmed by this time that, taped to the tree stand so that it wouldn't get lost, was the big huge screw that links the tree and stand together. Hubby may or may not have gotten a very annoying phone call from me. :)

Saturday morning, December 3

With all the cuts on my hands I didn't even attempt to put it back together again until Saturday morning. I'm not sure it's going to survive. The stake for the top of the tree is completely folded at a right angle, making it impossible to connect to the middle level.

How sad is that? Lookin' very Charlie Brownish to me. :) Anxiously awaiting to hear what DH says when he gets home in time for dinner tonight. I've already sent him photos but I'm thinking his face will be my Daily photo for today.

My poor December Daily is off to a very interesting start. Ha!


  1. Oh dear... not a good start! I sure hope those glass ornaments weren't heirlooms. Heal quickly, my friend!

  2. Oh NO! I am thinking DH has some splaining to do. Sad, so very sad.

  3. Oh, dear, we're stringing lights on our live noble fir right now. I showed my hubby so he'll understand how serious his job is. Sad about your ornaments, hopefully not vintage.

  4. Oh no, Diana, sure hope your hands heal quickly. You've got more cards to make...and I'm sure lots of other fun things. Sorry to hear your ornaments broke and the tree bent. Charlie Brown wouldn't be as critical as you. Don't buy any lottery tickets because your luck is not with you, my dear!

  5. Oh, Diana, I'm so sorry for your Christmas tree accident. I'm sure there were many ornaments that were also memories hanging on that beautiful tree and I hope many, if not all, survived. Our tree is full of memories that we gathered from over our lifetime together as well as gifts from family members. Hope your hands were not too badly hurt and that they heal quickly.

  6. OH how fun! Not the tree catastrophe, but the fact that you're doing December Daily! I'm so sorry about the tree mess! How awful! Hope you get that tree up and all prettied again :) I did December Daily for several years, but opted out last year and this one too. Too many things to do these days! Good luck with yours!

  7. What an eventful year to start a December daily. Your poor hands! Those beautiful ornaments! Your tree...I'm so sorry! Whether you share it or not, I sure hope your December is full of a lot more happy!

  8. I am so sorry!!!!! You poor girl! I would have cried ,I hope you are ok,Diana!


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